The Initiative “Get to Know Your EU”

populari“Get to know your EU” is the title of the new initiative of the research center Populari, within which since Monday on Facebook will offer the presentation of authorities involved in the process of the European integration of B&H.

The objective of this initiative is, on the one hand for B&H citizens to get to know authorities from Brussels that deal with the European integration of our country and on the other hand, for Brussels to see who deals with European integration in B&H.

“On Monday we will start with the presentation of persons involved in the process of B&H towards the EU in order for European and local actors involved in the story of B&H to EU to give it a human face”. Through a series of portraits titled “Get to know your EU”, you will have the opportunity each week to acquire a better and more humane understanding of European integration”, announced Populari.

They state that they want citizens to get to know the key persons responsible for what is happening (or not happening) on B&H’s path towards the EU.

(Source: Fena)

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