The Implementation of Protocol on Readmission with the Benelux Countries Signed in Brussels

briselThe confirmed commitment on the fight against illegal migration and preservation of the visa free regime for B&H has confirmed a strong commitment to the progress of the fight against illegal migration by signing the implementation protocol with the Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands) on implementation of the agreement between European Community and B&H on readmission of persons residing without permission.

The B&H Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić and the Secretary of State for asylum, immigration and social integration of Belgium Maggie De Block, the Director for Immigration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxemburg Sylvain Wagner and Secretary of State for Security and Justice in the Netherlands Fred Teeven signed the protocol in Brussels.

“This is good news for B&H from Brussels. In addition to fulfilling the commitments undertaken by the B&H Agreement with the European Community on readmission of persons residing without permissions, this act has confirmed the responsibility of the Ministry of Security and law enforcement agencies to citizens of B&H and to preserve the visa free regime when traveling to the countries of the European Union”, stressed Radončić.

(Source: Fena)

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