The First Houses in Lukomir Village unlocked after Winter

April 27, 2019 4:15 PM

The first five houses in Lukomir were unlocked after their owners returned from the Sarajevo neighborhoods where they spent the winter.

Life in Lukomir, when it comes to settlements in BiH at the highest altitude (1,495 meters), are followed by various problems, and it is confirmed not only by leaving the houses in the winter, and then returning to spring, but also the fact that the locals often have to self-organize to solve their basic needs.

“These days, we paid from our own resources to clean up snow on our way to Lukomir so we could go back to the village and start farming, returning the cattle because the winter stock of animal feed is spent,” Narsid Maslesa, who, together with his parents, is working in family catering facility ‘Summer garden’.

We paid a 1,500 BAM to dumper, and each of Lukomir’s residents gave some money, says Maslesa.

The path was cleared last Saturday and now, one can reach the village by car, and the hikers have been walking for a long time for more than a month for their favorite destination Obalj – Lukomir.

Until the 1st of May, all residents will return to the village because the snow is gone and it is time for agricultural works.

The only house that this spring will not be unlocked is the house of Nura Comor, who died in mid-March as 88 year old, and who was the oldest resident of Lukomir.

This past winter was the eight  in the row, during which 22 houses in Lukomir were locked since November and residents came down in places around Sarajevo because of the snow, where they spent the previous months with their herds of sheep.

Lukomir, located at 1,495 meters above the sea level, the last authentic Bosnian village with houses made of stone and shingle roofs, about 50 kilometers away from Sarajevo and 35 kilometers from Konjic. It is placed on a cliff of Rakitnica, between two peaks, Lovnica (1,856 m) and Obalj (1.896 m). This Bjelasnica village has another characteristic – it is the only village in BiH that is located over 1,300 meters above the sea level.

Village Lukomir was declared as the national monument, which has 96 residential and agricultural objects and buildings of the former school, a necropolis with 18 stecak tombstones at Vlasko cemetery and necropolis with 9 stecak tombstones at the locality Jezerine.

It is a favorite destination of hikers who are visiting it throughout the year, as well as cyclists, bikers, tourists who come in summer in Lukomir, where they enjoy the view on canyon of Rakitnica, and the sight that goes back to the “Mostar door” and Prenj, Visocica, Krvavac.



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