The First Film Museum ‘Valter defends Sarajevo’ to be opened Today

History of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cinematography is one of the richest ones in the region and it is full of classics which are true gems of the seventh art. One of those movies is a special brand and it has a cult status in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and worldwide. It is a movie by Hajrudin “Šiba” Krvavac called “Valter brani Sarajevo”, which with time became more than just a movie.

This action war movie, dedicated to the national her Vladimir Valter Perić and the city of Sarajevo during World War II and anti-fascist movement of the time, has become a symbol of one period in time and one city. The quality of this movie gave it timeless value, and at the same time it is one of the leading brands of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Because all of that, “Film Center Sarajevo” (following tradition of the other countries worldwide, other cities and similar examples) has build a multimedia museum “Valter brani Sarajevo”, as part of its business building in the downtown of Sarajevo (Dženetića Čikma 12).

Museum has a cultural and tourist purpose, with the aim of being economically viable and contributing to the development of Public company “Filmski Centar Sarajevo”, preservation of cultural heritage and tourism of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The “Valter brani Sarajevo” museum is made as a modern designed project and interactive museum, with elements of set-designed showrooms for the seventh art enthusiasts, but also for a wider audience, including tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the whole world.

Elements of the museum’s setting are branded room dedicated to the movie “Valter brani Sarajevo”, as well as other movie contents of the FCS catalog, designer and scenographic arranged part of the museum which visually and effectively shows the elements and atmosphere from the movie “Valter brani Sarajevo”, including wax statues of the movie characters, playing the digital version of “Valter brani Sarajevo”, other movie, tv and video content dedicated to this movie, as well as other works and documentations of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cinema.

Also, the museum’s shop, selling movies from the FCS catalog, and other products related to the movie “Valter brani Sarajevo” and other works of BH cinema (wallpapers, posters, t-shirts, hats, catalogs, and many similar products), the interactive and digital segment of the museum which, using latest technology in this field of art, visualizes and maps, a highlighted spot of the musem (tourist point “Das ist Valter”) on one or more locations where the movie was filmed and accompanying cultural, educational and tourist programs.

Museum opening will take place in Dzenetica Cikma 8 Street on Saturday, April 6that 11:00 o’clock.

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