The First B&H Tattoo Convention will be held in Sarajevo

tetovažeThe first international tattoo convention will be held in Sarajevo at the Hall Ramiz Salčin in Mojmilo from 23rd to 25th August.

The Convention aims the emancipation of tattoo culture and tattooing in our society through the presentation, education and entertainment.

The convention will be attended by international and regional artists from Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia and the leading tattoo artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The competition is divided into several categories: Best Color, Best of Friday, Best of Black & Gray, Best of Saturday, Best Traditional, Best Body Back and Best of the show.

One of the guests and judges will be the world’s famous master Pavel Angel, which is one of the world’s best tattoo masters.

The visitors of the convention will be able to get a tattoo at 30 stands, as well as to see the different techniques, equipments, and they will talk about the health aspects of tattooing.

At the convention will be guests from Rijeka, the international crew (Badaku Suspension Team), performers, dancers and body painters. Throughout the three days, the event will be complemented by live bands, DJs, and for guests will be many other surprises.

One day ticket is 5 km, and a three-day ticket (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) is 10 KM.

(Source: Klix.ba)


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