The Finance Committee supported the Amendments of the Law on Salaries and Allowances

komisijaCommittee for Finance and Budget of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H supported the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Salaries and Allowances in B&H institutions proposed by the Council of Ministers.

At the session of the Commission were reviewed the audit reports on the financial operations of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2012 that obtained the Opinion with an emphasis of matter“, and those are the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Ministry of Defense, the Indirect Taxation Authority of B&H and the Center for Mine Action in B&H.

It is discussed the audit report on the financial operations for 2012 of units for the project implementation of the Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions, Detention and Other Measures of B&H which received “Reserved Opinion”.

It is adopted a report on the impact of the audit with the topic “Working Commission of  B&H institutions“.

The commission members received information on the draft budget of the Central Election Commission B&H for 2014, was announced from B&H Parliament.

 (Source: klix.ba)


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