The Czech Embassy provides Scholarships to 16 Students from B&H

amb. češkeThe Czech Ambassador in B&H Tomáš Szunyog tomorrow at the residence of the Czech Embassy in Sarajevo will host students who have received scholarships to study at the universities in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic during the past eight years have gone to study more than hundred students, and only this year are successfully provided 16 scholarships for B&H students.

Of successful candidates this year are eight undergraduates, five students who continue the master’s program and four PhD students.

Due to the great interest of students, the Embassy has expanded the cooperation with the university centers in Brno, Olomouc and Zlin, in addition to scholarships that are provided by the Czech government.

“We would like to inform all interested students that the competition for scholarships of the Czech Republic government for 2014/15 is open until 30th September 2013. All the information students can find at the website Ambasadewww.mzv.cz / Sarajevo”,  was released from the Czech Embassy in B&H.

The scholarship covers the costs of studies, food and accommodation, whether it is for the undergraduate, master’s or PhD programs.

Embassy of the Czech Republic in B&H hopes that students after a few years in the Czech Republic will return to B&H and will contribute to its development and to the development of cooperation between the Czech Republic and B&H.

Czech Republic annually allocates 300.000 KM for B&H students.

Mediation scholarships for higher education institutions in the Czech Republic is one of the most important programs of the Czech Embassy in B&H in the sector of development of cooperation.

(Source: Fena)



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