The Census Control in B&H Ended

popisni materijalThe census control in B&H, which started on 2 November, finished on Sunday and about 50.000 people participated in the survey, about 16.000 households in 107 municipalities out of 240 circles.

The census control is organized with the goal of comparing and analyzing the data from the census and post-census, considering 2 indicator types of census quality: indicator of quantity and indicator of content.

The post-census local commissions should hand the post-census materials to the Center by the end of the week, announced the Agency for Statistics of B&H.

The Agency for Statistics, in cooperation with the entity statistical institutes will conduct a comparison of the data from the census and from the post-census survey during processing the data from the survey and will then asses the quality of census participation and the census content.

 (Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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