The Average Salary in Bosnia can cover only half of Consumer Basket

The trade union consumer basket calculated by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for December 2020 amounts to 1,863.47 BAM and is 55.06 BAM cheaper than the consumer basket for the previous month, Avaz reports.

The average salary paid in the Federation of BiH for October 2020 was 961 BAM (last data published by the Federal Bureau of Statistics) and is the same amount as it was for the previous month.

The coverage of the Trade Union Consumer Basket with an average salary is 51.57 percent.

The consumer basket itself consists of the following categories: food 44.5 percent, housing and communal services 16.7 percent, hygiene and health maintenance 9.4 percent, education and culture 5.9 percent, clothing and footwear 10.7 percent, transportation 7, 4 percent and household maintenance 5.4 percent.

In the food category, prices from three shopping centers were used for 85 items.

When it comes to hygiene and maintaining health, the costs are included for 12 items, and for housing and communal services the costs for six items.

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