The Armed Forces of BiH demined more than 3 million square meters of Territory

An analysis of the anti-mine campaign (AAC) of the Armed Forces of BiH for 2017 was held on April 25, this year. It showed that the Annual Plan of anti-mine campaign was exceeded in the year of 2017. The Armed Forces of BiH demined a total of 3,147,847 square meters of territory.

Through the removal of mines, the AF BiH are giving their contribution to overall security in BiH, which represents a precondition for economic incentives.

“We removed a total of 13,223 pieces of mines and other ordnance since the beginning of the demining process in BiH. We can say that we saved that many human lives,” said Head of the Joint Staff of the AF BiH, General Mayor Senad Masovic.

This is the first time, according to Dautovic, that the annual plan of the Armed Forces of BiH was exceeded, and the rate of its realization amounted to 100.9 % in the year of 2017. Moreover, demining was realized in 32 municipalities while the education of civilian population in regard to risk of mines was carried out in 46 municipalities of BiH.

It was noted that the priority of AAC of the AF BiH in the year of 2018 is implementation of demining plan on 3.800.000 square meters along with good cooperation with partners that are supporting the demining capacities of the AF BiH.

Prizes and acknowledgments to the most deserving members of the AF BiH were awarded within the Analysis. They received these awards for their contribution to the successful implementation of the Plan of Anti-mine Campaigns of the AF BiH for 2017.

The Armed Forces of BiH demined a territory of 27,691,825 square meters in the period between 2007 and 2017, and they found 6,791 mines and unexploded ordnance. The Armed Forces of BiH are planning to demine 3.193.079 square meters of territory through 62 projects in 32 municipalities all over BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)


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