The Anniversary of Birth of the great BH Writer Zuko Dzumhur


On September 24, 1920, Zulfikar Zuko Dzumhur, a travel writer, painter, and caricaturist, was born in Konjic, in a well-known family of religious officials. His father was Abduselam Dzumhur, and his mother was Vasvija, born Rufo.

He published his first drawings in the National Army in 1947, and he worked as a caricaturist and illustrator in Jez, Borba, Vetrenjaca, Politica, Oslobodjenje, and NIN as a permanent associate and editor. He published more than 10,000 caricatures.

He wrote scenarios for several short and three feature films. He did 35 scenographies for the theater, and he worked on Sarajevo television as a scriptwriter and the host of the show Hodoljublje in the last ten years.

Zuko traveled around the world, wrote and talked about it, connected people, and destroyed borders. He spoke in an easy-to-understand language, and he was able to explain the most complex concepts from the world of art, nature, geography, history, society, and politics, which was the reason why he was highly appreciated in all levels of society, both academical and common.

Zuko Dzumhur was an extraordinary man. The President of the former SFRY Josip Broz Tito was happy to hang out with Zuko. He was one of the greatest bohemians of his time.

Foreword for Zuko’s most famous work, “Nekrolog jednoj carsiji”, was written by his great friend, the Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andric.

He died on November 27, 1989, in Herceg Novi and he was buried on November 29, in his native Konjic.


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