The American Congressmen are following Military Exercise on the Zuc Hill near Sarajevo

Members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and their American colleagues gathered today on the hill Zuc above Sarajevo, on the occasion of the donation of demining equipment which will be handed over by the delegation of the US Congress.

Although this visit was shrouded in secrecy for the media, Klix.ba today recorded increased security measures around the US Embassy and SUVs driven by congressmen.

On the hill Zuc, among others, the exercise is accompanied by the Minister of Defense of BiH Sifet Podzic, as well as Ambassador Eric Nelson.

It is unknown at this time whether the congressmen will meet with any of the officials.

The location of today’s demonstration exercise on Zuc Hill is symbolic, considering that the defense of this area was of great importance for the survival of Sarajevo, and the entire country during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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