Tens of Thousands of Visitors enjoyed the three-hour long Celebration in Sarajevo

January 1, 2018 1:15 PM

Tens of thousands of citizens of Sarajevo, visitors from other BH cities and tourists enjoyed the concert of regional star Zdravko Colic Cola in the capital city of BiH.

Cola entertained the audience for three hours with his biggest hits from the ’70’s and ’80’s, including: “Produzi dalje,” “Mjerkam te, mjerkam,” “Moja Esma,” “Ti zivis u oblacima mala,” “Pisat cu joj pisma duga”,”Kroz podlugove”… Although most of the visitors enjoyed the old hits, he sang some of his new songs as well, including “Sljive su rodile” and “Mala”.

Despite low temperatures and fog, hosts and guests of Sarajevo had a lot of fun on Marijin Dvor, on the plateau in front of the Sarajevo City Center. Cola sang for everyone, both the youngest and the elderly visitors.

The New Year’s Concert started around 11:00 PM and the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka joined Cola on the stage just a minute before the midnight. The two of them counted the last ten seconds of 2017 together with the audience, and then started large fireworks. Cola continued to entertain the audience in the first hours of 2018 as well.

With the wish for everyone to be healthy and happy in the year of 2018, Cola ended the concert with a spectacular performance of the song “Caje sukarije”. However, just a few minutes later, he came back to the stage and sang for the audience couple more of his hits, including “Zvao sam je Emili”, “Kao moja mati”, “Sta ti dadoh” and “Ti si mi u krvi”.

A large number of police officers secured citizens and guests of Sarajevo last night. Luckily, no incidents have been reported during the night and the celebration of New Year’s Eve. Sarajevo will continue with the celebration today with the concert of BH band Crvena Jabuka.

(Source: klix.ba)






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