Ten Medals for B&H Innovators in Ukraine on 29th September 2013

inovacijeMembers of the B&H Association of Inventors won seven gold and three silver medals at the ninth International Salon of inventions and new technologies in Ukraine.

Doctors of veterinary medicine Sanel Alagić from Bugojno and Mevlin Hadžiosmanović from Visoko won golden medals for joint innovation probe treatment of esophageal ruminant, Borko Babalj, Trebinje (Pocket mouthpieceashtray), Zdravko Bosnić, Banja Luka (Triangle turbine wheel) and from Sarajevo: Dr. Jamal Muftić (Implant for extension of root canal), Belma Selimović (underwear with security), Belmin Selimbegović (Non-combustible trash can) and Senad Šećerbegović (Personal skilift).

Mirad Hadžiahmetović, Zenica (Underwater river turbines), Naida Okan, Vogošća (fashion products from recycled plastic) and family duo Mohammed & Senad Tafro, Sarajevo (Systems ‘air-ground’ for turning off the fire) got silver medals.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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