Temporary Decrease of Customs Duties on Raw Materials for BH Producers soon?

At the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, the Council of Ministers of BiH issued a Decision on temporary suspension and temporary decrease of customs duties on imports of certain goods until December 31, 2018.

The decision, which includes a total of 52 tariff codes for raw materials used by BH manufacturers in their own production and that cannot be procured in BiH, has a great importance for domestic businessmen. It is aimed at improving conditions of their business operations, keeping the existing and eventually opening of new workplaces.

In this way, the realization of already contracted business projects as well as planning new ones became possible for all domestic business subjects that are engaged in the food, textiles, footwear, electrical and metal industries.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations is tasked to submit a comprehensive analysis with the relevant indicators of companies and the effectiveness of this measure on the economy in BiH, to the Council of Ministers until April 30, 2018.

(Source: klix.ba)


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