Talented Group from BiH created a Game that will blow your mind!

gameAlmost Digital – although it does not sound as a local group – few people from Busovaca decided to take things into their own hands and do something that nobody else from this area did not try.

After hard and slow start, this group of hardworking and talented people managed to create and issue its first mobile game for Android devices on Google Play store.

Their first game, “Gravitas” is an attempt to enter the huge market of mobile games, and judging by initial reactions among the “players”, the game will delight many people.

“Gravitas is a game where it’s up to you as a player to control gravity little hero of this game – Newton. The aim of the game is to achieve as much as possible points, and if you’re good enough, you can end up in the Top 10 players in the global scale and show everyone your skills. Collect points, win apples and unlock different looks to your hero, among which there are flags from our area. With installation and playing this game you will definitely support this group that hopes to release many more games,” said creators.

You can download this game on your Android device from this LINK.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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