Take a look at the Spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration in Sarajevo (Gallery+Video)

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The star of the public celebration of the New Year’s Eve in Sarajevo, Dino Merlin, opened the New Year’s concert with the song “Hotel Nacional”.

Thousands of people almost unanimously sang the song “Hotel Nacional”. Despite the cold, the audience enjoyed the spectacular atmosphere.

After the song “Hotel Nacional” followed hits “When a man loves a woman (Kad covjek voli zenu)”, “Good night my Barbie doll “Laku noc moja mala barbiko)”, “I’m dying completely sober (Ja potpuno trijezan umirem)”, “Die before death (Umri prije smrti)” and others.

Audience entered in the last hour of the 2016 with the song of one of the biggest music stars of the Balkans. His concert should last for two and a half hours, and the audience will enjoy a true spectacle with rich repertoire.

Great atmosphere was contributed by light effects and 250 square meters of LED screens. Production of the whole event was raised to a higher level, and Merlin’s entire performance will be enhanced by numerous light effects.

Take a look at the great atmosphere in the video.

(Source: klix.ba/faktor.ba Photo: Jasmin Brutus)

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