Take a look at the fascinating Timelapse of Fog over Sarajevo (VIDEO)

The Astronomical Group of Sarajevo made an interesting timelapse that shows the capital city of BiH during the past few days when it was covered with the fog and the smog. This interesting natural phenomenon that was recorded above the city looks really fascinating.

As the fans of astronomy from this informal group explained, they noted the fluctuation of the fog and smog during the recording in Sarajevo that looks like the “sea waves”.

“It is very interesting to observe and record the famous Sarajevo fog and the smog that are suffocating our town during the winter. The lights of Sarajevo that are coming from the illuminated buildings or towers in the city as well as roads and residential units are just magical,” as said by the Astronomy Group Sarajevo.

Amateur astronomers from BiH also noticed the struck of fog from the east side in short strokes.

“It can be clearly seen that there is a clogged flow of fluids, local accumulation of fog, then a short descending and pulsation. In the background, i you can also see the movement of the stars in the night sky,” as stated from the Astronomical Group Sarajevo.

Amateur astronomers from Sarajevo recommended to all lovers of such natural phenomena to at least take a short look at Sarajevo during the month of December.

Take a look at the fascinating video.


(Source: klix.ba)


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