Take a look at the Future Look of the Square of Literature in Travnik

Travnik, the town of eternal inspiration for numerous artists, especially writers, will soon get a square especially dedicated to them, as well as other writers from all over the world who were connected with this town in some way during their work.

This was noted on the occasion of marking the World Book and Copyright Day at a roundtable that took place in the grand hall of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Travnik, in the organization of the Municipality of Travnik on the topic “Contemporary literary scene in Travnik”.

“With the aim of promotion and presentation of the literary scene of Travnik to all those who come to the city, this square will be a unique indicator of literary tradition, as well as a unique reminder on some of our greatest artists,” said Fatima Maslic, the director of the Museum in Travnik, and added that the square will have four large round benches dedicated to Ivo Andric, Abdulvehab Ilhamija, Skender Kulenovic and Zulfikar Zuko Dzumhur, and they will also contain inscriptions with basic information and inspirational quotes of the aforementioned writers, an open-air library and a stage, as well as a part with water and greenery.

The presenter and moderator Enes Skrgo, the curator of the Memorial museum “Hometown of Ivo Andric”, recalled the rich literary legacy of the aforementioned writers, as well as those who found their inspiration in Travnik. Moreover, Skrgo stated that the fact that the coat of arms of the Municipality of Travnik includes a semi-open book is not by chance, because “the book remains eternal and nothing can outreach it in any electronic or digital form.”

(Source: klix.ba)




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