Take a look at the Beauty of Jablanica Lake in 4K Resolution

Due to the weak rainfall and low water flow, it came to a sharp decline in the water level of Jablanica Lake as the artificial reservoir on Neretva River.

Haris Neziric made a fascinating 4K footage of almost all section of Jablanica Lake, from Ribici to the dam in Jablanica.

Accumulation stopped cold and wild Neretva River and parts of the assets and settlements along its course were submerged.

BiH is a country rich in water resources, most of which are artificial lakes formed by dams on the narrow river beds. One of these lakes is Jablanica Lake, artificial water accumulations on Neretva River.

Jablanica Lake covers an area of 13 square kilometers, and the maximum length is around 30 kilometers. The lake is rich in fish.

Take a look at the video.

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