Symbol of Kakanj: Mining Steam Locomotive “Ciro” illuminated for the New Year


Residents of Kakanj and tourists as well, were surprised when they saw a Ciro train at the entrance to Kakanj, according to Radio Sarajevo news portal.

The employees of the Public Institution Kakanj Cultural and Sports Center, within the framework of which the Kakanj Museum operates, ensure that the fairy tale and Ciro train look fabulous.

A significant portion of the funds planned for the New Year’s Eve has been allocated by the Municipality of Kakanj for the purchase of canned food, socks and caps for migrants, as well as for the purchase of packets for children with special needs.

In 2016, Kakanj mining steam locomotive, known as “Ciro” after 18 years again passed through the center of Kakanj to the point where it left off in 1998.

Although it was not transporting coal, which was its purpose until 1998, citizens of Kakanj were happy to see “Ciro”, which today adorns the city center. Preparation for the transport of “Ciro” lasted longer than planned, given that it was necessary to ensure safe transport.

Ciro was placed in recent years within old mining directorate, and its new location is yard of the elementary school Hamdija Kresevljakovic in the center of Kakanj. The new location of Ciro is not accidental. Exactly at the place where it is exhibited, used to be its track that became history.

“This is the most valuable exhibit in our museum and I am glad that mine donated this valuable thing, and financed everything that happened. It was beautiful to watch the excited faces of the citizens of Kakanj while Ciro was going downtown. We will make an effort to educate the youth about the history of Ciro and return the glow that our exhibit deserves,” said the Director of Cultural and Sports Centre in Kakanj, Aldin Sljivo.

Ciro has its own story and its share of history in Kakanj. Although it polluted air, the citizens of Kakanj still remember those days with nostalgia.

“It had such a spirit which is why citizens love it despite the pollution. It is a symbol of the mine, and mine is a symbol of Kakanj. Our plan is to make Ciro a symbol of our city together with the crowns that we are planning to put on the roundabouts because of the royal town of Bobovac,” concluded Sljivo.

After more than 4 hours, Ciro got its place in the courtyard of the elementary school Hamdija Kresevljakovic, and everyone will be able to make photos with Ciro because it is not located in the area where visitors are not allowed, as it was the case within the old mining directorate.


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