Swiss Investors to relocate the Production to Gradacac?

Swiss investorsRepresentatives of the Swiss company “Tissa Glasweberei AG” visited yesterday the municipality Gradacac, with the intention to consider the possibility of the relocation of the production of glass fibers and textiles, aramid, basalt and carbon, as announced from the municipality.

The municipality Gradacac is attractive for the investment to this company, due to its location and the business ambient that it develops. The Embassy of Switzerland, the Chamber of Commerce of Austria in BiH and the urgency of FIPA recommended this municipality for the investment.

At the meeting in the municipality Gradacac,  representatives of this company were met with the ways of the presentation about development plans, possibilities and business conditions in the municipality Gradacac.

Within the visit and the exchange of views and collecting information, representatives of this company visited the  business entities in Gradacac “Ammar” doo, “Thema” doo, “Livnica TMD AGS”, “Wagner Automotive”, “Pulcom” and others.

On a common gathering of the Mayor of Gradacac with associates and representatives of the business entities in Gradacac, experiences in business and creating an ambient of the successful operating in the municipality of Gradacac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, have been exchanged.



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