Swedish Clogs from Bosnian Wood Hit in the USA

swedish clogs bosnian woodAs there is still interesting and untold stories in BiH, shows the example of the company Maguba which, for four years, produce famous Swedish clogs, with a modernized design, in the small municipality Turbe near Travnik and place them to the market of the USA.

About what led this company from Sweden to BiH, Senada Selimovic, director of this company, said that owners, because if operating and production expenses decided to move it to another country, and they decide for BiH. It was during the time when she has been working as a production manager in that company in Sweden.

In order to start business they bought business premises from the Tax Administration Novi Travnik, measuring 1700 square meters and started with the production. Since the demand for these uniquely designed clogs has been growing, their production and employment of new workers grew. Thus, from the initial 12 workers, now they have around 40 workers.

“Most of the raw materials we buy in BiH, but we export leather from the Netherlands, because special leather that is very strong is needed for these clogs. We have to work with the first-class leather because clog should stand good in it. We are purchasing special nickel plated nails in Ljubljana because such production does not exist in BiH“, said Selimovic.

Annually, company produce more than 44.000 pairs of clogs that first go to Sweden, and after that are being sent to the American market.


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