Support Gathering for Donald Trump in East Sarajevo tonight

483208412-real-estate-tycoon-donald-trump-flashes-the-thumbs-up-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2After an informal group of citizens organized a support gathering for Hillary Clinton in the race for the president of the USA yesterday in Sarajevo, an informal group of citizens will support her counter candidate, Donald Trump, tonight in East Sarajevo.

Soon after the announcement of the support gathering for Hillary Clinton in Sarajevo was published on Facebook, a response came. A Facebook group “Eat Sarajevo votes Trump” was founded, and the gathering starts tonight in the Park Gavrilo Princip in East Sarajevo.

Management of the shoe factory “Bema” from Banja Luka also showed their sympathies towards Trump recently, when they sent several pairs of shoes to his wife.

Organizers of the campaign “Sarajevo vote Hillary Clinton” said that “they all send a message of love and friendship into the world, with their symbolic signature.” The letter of support for Hillary Clinton was signed by several hundred citizens.

Presidential elections in the USA will be held on November 8.

(Source: novi.ba)

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