Supershow by Dino Merlin in front of 20.000 people in the Arena Zagreb

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Last night Dino Merlin made a grandiose show in the capital of Croatia, in the sold-out Arena Zagreb, and kept 20.000 visitors without breath and on their feet.

With every new song Dino Merlin proves why people call him the Wizard, and energy in the Arena was on a high level from the beginning until the end of this unbelievable concert.

The audience rewarded the charismatic Dino and his band for the unique musical-visual spectacle with thunderous applause and ovations, and by returning him to the stage twice. Near the end of the concert, during the performance of the hit “Deset mlađa” cellphones of visitors lit the night up, creating a unique and magical scene which will remain in memory as the joint triumph of Dino Merlin and loyal audience of Zagreb.

With last night’s spectacle, Dino once again confirmed the status of the biggest music star of the region.

Culmination of the concert year will take place at the Square of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on New Year’s Eve. All dates of the tour Hotel Nacional are available on www.dinomerlin.com/turneja.

(Source: klix.ba)

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