Zlata Grebo, who engaged in Emancipation of Women, died in Sarajevo

Zlata Grebo, a professor and first dean of the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, who, after World War II, was engaged in scientific research work and various activities related to the emancipation of women in Yugoslavia, died on April 26thin Sarajevo.

Zlata Grebo was born in Trebinje on August 6th, 1922 but grew up in Mostar, where she finished high school and joined the National Liberation Movement during high school days, together with sister Sana Salahovic. After the war, she participated in the establishment of the Municipal Committee of the AFŽ Mostar and worked on the organization and emancipation of women.

She continued her education in Belgrade, where in 1947 she completes the School of Foreign Trade, and then in Sarajevo in 1954 she finished the Senior Pedagogical School.

She was enrolled in the sociological studies Belgrade in 1959, as part of the first generation of sociologists. She graduated at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade in 1973.

She has taught at numerous universities and has participated in scientific meetings in the country and abroad. At the World Congress of Women in Helsinki in 1969, she was a member of the delegation of women from Yugoslavia.

The commemoration will be held on Tuesday, April 30, at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Sarajevo (Room 12), at 11: am.

The burial will be done the same day at 14.15am at the Bare Cemetery.

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