Successful B&H Textile: Employing, exporting and opening New Facilities

textileWhether it is the production of laundry, shirts, suits or leather, B&H textile industry is making really good results and simply represents the stabilization of B&H economy. They are sawing for the famous international brands such as: Pierre Cardin, Carl Gross, Jupiter, S Oliver, Schneiders, Baldesarini, Burberry, Triumph, Calzedonia etc.

Due to the needs of customers, some of the B&H companies are expanding and opening new facilities, as well as the new job places. We recently witnessed the opening of the new facility of the company Alma Ras in Visoko, where 240 workers were employed.

There will be more announced expansions or openings of new facilities in B&H, due to the requiring by foreign buyers.

Secretary of UTOK, Amir Međić, said that for this reason the Prevent will go for expansion of production facility in the footwear sector, while Kismet from Doboj East is going to expand their capacities.

All of this proves that the textile industry in B&H has the opportunity to expand and employ, but it lacks a little good will of the authorities.

“The thing that we expect from the country is an easier business ambient for our producers, and for our customers,” says Međić.



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