Study shows that Sense of European Identity surged in BiH

The feeling of “European identity” has surged among the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), a study by Prime Communications agency has found on Monday.

The Prime Communication agency based in BiH conducted a survey asking citizens of BiH’s opinion on whether they are feeling as Europeans having European identity. A total of 1,500 people were interviewed from April 5-15 based on a pre-prepared questionnaire. The respondents surveyed were defined as the general population of BiH, older than 18-years-old.

The study indicated that 57.1 percent respondents feel themselves as European, while 5.5 percent do not consider themselves as being European. The rest of respondents, 7.5 percent, were hesitant.
The study shows in detail that 71.6 percent of Bosniaks, residents of Islam religion, 61 percent of Croats and 32.1 percent of Serbs, residents of Catholic religion, consider themselves of having an European identity apart from having their primary identity of being a Bosniak, Croat or Serb living in BiH. On the other side, 61 percent of Serbs, 24 percent of Croats and 22.8 percent of Bosniaks do not consider themselves as European, BiH federal news agency Fena says.

Similar study conducted in 2015 by the Directorate for European Integration of BiH found that 78 percent of BiH citizens voted in favor of BiH entering the European Union (EU).
The census conducted in 2013 says that 3,5 million people live in BiH

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