Students in Visit to Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina


The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina continues the implementation of scientific, educational, and professional cooperation with the School of Law, University of Sarajevo, in accordance with the Agreement on Cooperation signed in June 2018. Cooperation has been taking place through multiple segments, on which the public has already been informed on several occasions, while particular attention has been allocated to working with law students.

As one of the aspects of the work with students, the Court has developed a training program dubbed “A Day at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” with the aim to have law students spend a day at the Court, together with the Court’s legal staff. The program has a pronounced educational purpose, providing the students with an inner view of the functioning of the institution, and enabling them to learn more about the practical realization of procedural situations in criminal proceedings.

A first group of 7 junior-year students of the School of Law, University of Sarajevo, Thursday underwent a training through the program at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the introductory part of the program, the students attended brief presentations about the security at the Complex of Judicial Institutions (judicial police, internal control, technical processing and keeping of court documents (reception office, records office, archives), and learned more about the infrastructure necessary for the conduct of trials (Courtroom 6).

Another part of the program includes lectures on the work of 6 internal organizational units of The Registry and Common Secretariat (Legal Department, Witness Support Section, Public Information and Outreach Section, and the secretariats of the Administrative, Criminal and Appellate divisions). The students also visited offices to see how court’s daily operations take place, and they had the opportunity to talk to the court staff  and feel the working atmosphere.

Following the lunch at the Court’s cafeteria, in the central part of the program the students took part in a practical session with officers of the Legal Department rendering assistance.

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