Students from Sarajevo cleaned the Memorial Center in Potocari after the Funeral

Several hundred students of the University of Sarajevo, led by the President of Student Parliament Merim Serdarevic, attended the commemoration and funeral for 35 victims of Srebrenica genocide.

After the funeral, students took part in the traditional action of cleaning the cemetery.

The main goal of this action was to send one beautiful and positive image from Potocari, despite the great pain and sadness.

“Students, as the greatest strength and real carriers of the future of our country, sent messages of peace, love and coexistence from Potocari, as well as a message that they will never allow a genocide to happen in our country again. Students from Sarajevo will keep working on the realization of human rights of all citizens of BiH, especially returnees. We will also remain committed to the fight for learning Bosnian language in the smaller entity of BiH, as well as creation of conditions for young people to return to all parts of BiH,” as noted in the statement of Student Parliament.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)



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