Students cleaned Public Spaces in the Municipality of Centar

On Friday, April 20, 2018, a large ecological campaign of cleaning public areas took place on the territory of the Municipality of Centar during the period from 10 AM to 3.30 PM, on the occasion of the Day of Planet Earth, which will be marked on April 22.

The main organizer of this campaign was the Civil Protection Service, and members of the civil protection of the local communities, students of the primary and secondary school, the staff of PUC Park and all other interested citizens took part in this campaign.

New trees and hedges were planted in the locality of Arboretum at Kromolj. Moreover, ecology lesson was held for students of elementary schools and their ecological sections, and professors at the Faculty of Forestry and members of the Municipal Council Center for Ecology and Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage took part in this activity.

The green areas will be cleaned and arranged at the locality of the old reservoir at Soukbunar and around the mosque on Sip, as announced from the Municipality of Centar.

The Municipality of Centar invited all citizens to take part in this action and contribute to the arrangement of the environment.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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