Stronger Inter-religious Cooperation agreed in Bijeljina and Tuzla

March 28, 2018 2:00 PM

The Mufti of Tuzla Vahid ef. Fazlovic yesterday visited Majlis of the Islamic Community of Bijeljina and Janja.

During his stay in Bijeljina, Mufti attended the meeting with the Bishop of Zvornik and Tuzla, Fotije. This meeting represented a return visit and a continuation of conversations on the topic of cooperation, after the visit of Bishop Fotije to Mufti Fazlovic last December.

They also discussed more concrete forms of cooperation, as well as the need for more active work and cooperation between the committee of the Interreligious Council in Bijeljina and Tuzla.

Mufti Fazlovic also met with Mayor of Bijeljina Mico Micic, and they discussed issues that are important for the work of Majlis of Bijeljina and Janja, in which the administration also has its part. The expectation that some of those issues will be addressed more efficiently and timely in the future period was expressed.

These meetings were attended by Samir ef. Camic and Omer ef. Camic, chief imams of Bijeljina and Janja.




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