Strike of Health Workers in Bosnia continues

The strike of health workers in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC) continued. After a mass protest on Monday, a small number of workers spent the night in a tent next to the cantonal government building.

There is no progress in the negotiations on the new collective agreement, said yesterday morning the president of the Independent Trade Union of Health Workers of the HNC, Dalibor Vukovic.

“Two colleagues stayed and spent the night in a tent so the rest of us can take a break. We are still waiting for someone to contact us so we can decide how to proceed. As for the negotiations, nothing new has happened, and the most interesting part is the Government’s report from Monday in which they call for the protests to move to the negotiating table, but again they did not write the exact time, so those are only empty words, ” said Vukovic for the agency Fena.

He recalled how the union’s legal team sent and submitted evidence and everything else that was requested by the Mostar Municipal Court on Monday.

“We are waiting for the decision of the Court regarding the temporary ban on conducting and organizing a strike, which was requested by the HNC Government. We hope for a fair and just decision “, added Vukovic.

As for yesterday’s plans, Vukovic stated that he would report live, and as before, wait in tents.

“We are waiting for their moves, and if nothing happens in the next few days, we will move on,” said Vukovic.

About two thousand members of the Independent Trade Union of Health Workers of the HNC and the Independent Trade Union of Employees of SKB Mostar have been on a general strike since December 10th last year. The trade unionists are demanding a salary increase and a new collective agreement on the rights and obligations of employers and workers in the field of health care.

“The strike is not stopped, it will not be stopped and it is going to be continued at full capacity, we will start achieving our goals even more rigorously and we will not leave here until we are finally invited to the negotiations,” said the president of the Independent Trade Union of SKB Mostar, Ivica Ivica Anic, BHRT writes.

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