The Story how the Prnjavor Winery started their successful Business

The story of the Winery Fazan in Prnjavor is a story about success, about a family which thanks to its work and effort succeeded in something that to most is hard or impossible – export wine from BiH to France. Originally from Ukraine, they returned to their grandparents’ land around Prnjavor. They cleared their land and started a successful business.

“The land was left empty when our parents died,” Nada Harijan begins her story.

She restored her grandparents’ land with the help of her daughter, who is married to a Frenchman. With knowledge from the land of wine and suitable land in Prnjavor, they planted the first hectare of grapevine.

“I personally dug and maintained the first hectare so that they would see for themselves that the land is adequate and that it can produce quality wine and grapes,” says Nada Harijan.

They’re expecting a large profit this year. The grapevine survived the late spring frost and watering it isn’t necessary.

“This hill is full over water, we made a drainage, and now we have a kilometer of drainage which leads to a creek. We don’t need rain in this drought, only sunlight,” Nada said.

There’s only a little bit of wine left in the cellar. This family works the land together. They chose a smaller production because, they say, it allows for higher quality. It’s easier to export such exclusive wines on the demanding French market.


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