State Investigation and Protection Agency will check the Purchase of 100 Respirators


The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) will check the purchase of 100 respirators purchased by the company selling raspberries owned by TV presenter Fikret Hodzic from Srebrenica, Avaz news portal has learned.

This information was confirmed by this police agency, adding that everything will be checked and that they are already dealing with the case.

A total of 80 out of 100 respirators arrived from China in Bosnia and Herzegovina four days ago, and behind this purchase is TV presenter Fikret Hodzic, who owns the Silver Raspberry Company.

He received 10.5 million BAM for this job. Jelka Milicevic, the finance minister and chairman of the Federal Civil Protection Administration’s staff, claims that no consent has been given to purchase the equipment. It is questionable who and how authorized this company to procure medical equipment.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the BiH Public Procurement Agency, became involved in the research.



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