State Investigation and Protection Agency requires Documents from China regarding Purchase of Respirators at very high Price


The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) is already actively working on the case of procurement of 100 respirators for 10.5 million BAM, purchased over the company by Fikret Hodzic, a host at Hayat TV.

Yesterday, SIPA members immediately requested and collected certain documentation available in BiH, and a request has already been sent to China to determine exactly from whom and how “Silver Raspberry” company acquired this medical equipment.

Although the equipment arrived from Beijing to Sarajevo, the invoices allegedly state the name of the Shanghai-based company. news portal sources claim that the work is now on to collect all the documentation first and then start hearing all the actors in this story.

Everyone in the chain will have to testify at SIPA, starting with Fikret Hodzic to those responsible at the Federal Civil Protection Administration who authorized this company to buy respirators for medical facilities in the Federation.

Considering the fact that this is a cross-border procurement of equipment worth 10.5 million BAM, an initiative has been launched for the BiH Prosecutor’s Office to take this case instead of the Canton Sarajevo Prosecutor’s Office.

The invoices prove that identical respirator – fan equipment costs 3.5 million BAM.  However, VAT has not yet been paid for this equipment, so it is still located at Sarajevo Airport. The amount for VAT is more than one million BAM.




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