Start of Trial of President of FBiH On Authorized Possession of Weapons Charges

zivko_budimir_portretThe beginning of the trial of the President of the FBiH Živko Budimir is expected to start today at the municipal court in Sarajevo on charges of illegal possession of weapons.

Budimir’s lawyer Ragib Hadžić confirmed earlier for Srna that he and his client would arrive to court, where they will present their case.

‘’Budimir has the approval of the military authorities for the gun, and the fact that it is not converted to civilian approval, is another issue. The court will determine whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor’’, said Hadžić.

He pointed out that, in any case, he would protect the interest of his client in the best way he can.

According to the indictment of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo, members of the State Investigative and Protection Agency (SIPA) found a gun with seven bullets in the office of the Presidency of B&H during a raid on his office on 26 April of this year, for which there is no permit.

Budimir told investigators that the gun was a gift in 1996, but due to ‘negligence’ did not request permission.

Budimir owns two more guns, which were registered in 1998 and for which he has license to carry weapons.

On 1 July Budimir pleaded not guilty.

The beginning of the trial is scheduled to begin at 12:00.

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