Srebrenica Memorial Center condemns calling for a “New Srebrenica” in Pljevlja in Montenegro

The Srebrenica Memorial Center warned on Wednesday of incitement of national, ethnic and religious hatred, directed against members of the Bosniak people and citizens of the Islamic religion in Montenegro, especially reacting to messages in the town of Pljevlja calling for a “new Srebrenica”.

“The crime of genocide in Srebrenica is the final point of the genocidal operation,” ethnic cleansing “and massacre of the Bosniak population in eastern Bosnia, which lasted from March 1992 to July 1995. It was preceded by several years of fierce campaigns to dehumanize Bosniaks by the then leading Belgrade-based media, political speeches and rallies in which a message platform was given to those who did not shy away from calls for killing and ‘historical revenge’. It is our duty, in this critical moment of instability, to warn and give our contribution to the prevention of increasing violence and intolerance towards the Bosniak population in Montenegro,” is stated by the Srebrenica Memorial Center.

The Srebrenica Memorial Center emphasized that they had warned about the practices of earlier threats to ‘repeat Srebrenica’ in Novi Pazar and Sjenica in the 2020 Genocide Denial Report.

“The messages ‘Turks are moving’ and ‘The blackbird has flown, Pljevlja will be Srebrenica’ are the dangerous work of individuals and political groups, who believe that after the elections they got their hands free for attacks on minority groups in their community.

We will closely monitor the events in Montenegro, bearing in mind our duty as an institution in the field of genocide prevention and the transfer of learned or unlearned lessons from Srebrenica to the world, “concluded the Srebrenica Memorial Center.

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