Springs in Kiseljak Treats Nine Diseases-Spa Kiseljak Crucial to Development of Medical Tourism

kiseljakSpa Kiseljak gives Zvornik a chance to develop medical tourism, which would bring about the development of the entire municipality and the wider region. Nature was very generous in providing mineral water springs, and the tradition of using warm mineral water in Kiseljak is a long one. In this mountainous area, 45 kilometers from Bijeljina and 15 kilometers from Loznica, there are nine springs that treat nine illnesses.

‘’Before the war in Kiseljak guests came from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Šabac on vacation and for treatment, and hosts awaited them in nicely arranged rooms’’, said Zoran Stevanović, Mayor of municipality Zvornik.

‘’Every season, there were 17.000 tourists. Most of them stayed in the village, and many carried mineral water in bottles and continued treatment at home. The roads were good, and every home had a telephone’’.

With small investment and more marketing, Kiseljak could once again become what it once was. Before the war, the construction of a hotel began, but it was never completed.

Water from the springs treats anemia, stomach diseases, kidney, vision problems, and sterility. The temperature of the water is from 8 to 15 Celsius, and at a depth of 400 meters and to 40 Celsius, said Ivo Simić, Professor from Kiseljak.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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