Spectacle on the Sky: Helicopter Pilots of Armed Forces of B&H demonstrated readiness to save Civilians

drill3 (1)Members of the Second helicopter squadron of Air Force Brigade of Armed Forces of B&H, organized today a real spectacle on the sky above the military barracks in Rajlovac.

Tactical demonstration exercise of air forces has been realized after an intensive training of unit (flight instruction, special training in search and rescue services (SAR), technical staff etc.) in order to present the capability and readiness for carrying out tasks in the missions.

Colonel Muhamed Hasanović, Commander of the Second helicopter squadron, said that this flight instruction training was great opportunity to see the capacities of squadrons, as well as individual, team and a collective level of training in the performance of tasks of Unit.

“Our capacities can be used in the rescuing mission of the injured people, casualties, as well as in fire extinguishing. We had a collective drill in which we have demonstrated readiness to perform any task with more helicopters involved,” said Hasanović.

One of those who completed the Special training in search and rescue (SAR) is Lieutenant Dario Milanović.

He said that the training was very difficult, which confirms the fact that only 4 out of the 12 students, completed the training successfully.

“If I can elicit a smile on someone’s face and save a life, for me the training was a complete success,” said Milanović.

(Source: klix.ba)


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