Specific Banknote: 1 BAM on eBay is worth 2,000 USD

16296127_1895640270672648_1799289524_neBay is the world’s largest online store where you can find literally everything, and if you type words such as Bosnia in the search – you can find a few interesting items that you may have forgotten.

We wrote before that the Sarajevo Olympics lives on eBay, and that it is very expensive, and today we found a historical gem that many people have totally forgotten about.

Specifically, a paper banknote of 1 BAM with the figure of Ivo Andric, one user on eBay is selling for incredible 899 USD. The user is from Zagreb, Croatia, and the description states that the transfer of 1 BAM from Zagreb to Sarajevo is 7.5 USD, which means that for one BAM you must allocate 906.5 USD.

This banknote was retired a long time ago, and there is even a label “specimen” on it, but its value is not falling.

The banknote dates from 1998. The release was planned for the RS, and Ivo Andric is written in the Cyrillic script. However, if you pay attention, you’ll see that there is a mistake and that instead of Ivo Andric in Cyrillic is written Ivo Andridj.

The banknote is included in the ministerial album Specimen. According to the information available now, this banknote could be found only in Kozarska Dubica (once Bosanska Dubica).

But this is not the end, after closer examination, there are UNC banknotes from this series that are not marked as Specimen, i.e. do not have a red mark on it. Their price goes up to 1,800 USD due to the extreme rarity. Their owner also lives in Zagreb.

Our banknote from the eBay was marked under the category of UNC, which stands for uncirculated, which means that it was not in payment circulation.

Those who still possess Ivo Andric with a mistaken letter can still earn decent money without collectors.

(Source: N1)

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