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Sparkland: Winners of Student Architectural Competition “Nsoft Headquarters Building” announced

Encouraged by a large number of new employees and with business expansion in general, the SPARK group has the need for a new and better workspace. This was the beginning of the idea of SPARKland – a residential-business-social complex that offers the quality of life in a natural environment by its location and arrangement. The primary goal is to adapt the living space to the business environment and to create a macro system in which every employee achieves their human resources in a modern way. That is precisely why the SPARK group, in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, organized a competition for architecture students called “NSoft Headquarters Building”.

After a valuable work on this realistic task, several presentations and study visits to SPARK, today (28.2.2018) students presented their solutions within the Student Exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture. Presented architectural projects are the result of the architectural study of the 3rd year of undergraduate study of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo realized in cooperation with representatives of the SPARK group from Mostar – Andrea Čordaš (COO at NSoft), Sanjin Osmanbašić (CEO at SPARK) and Marko Trogrlić (CEO at NiL).

The organization of architectural studies through research and design of real tasks in coordination with real clients aims to guide traditional academic approaches to education in architecture in the direction of linking the academic and research community with successful business companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The results of this process lead to the modernization of the education process in architectural design, as well as to develop the capacity and the forms of mutual cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture and the real needs of the environment in which it operates.

The first result is the inspirational architectural design of NSoft’s headquarters building of the architectural study “Design 5” realized in academic 2017/2018 under the guidance of professor Adnan Pašić. Dominating optimism and a progressive architectural expression appropriate to the spirit of young people convincingly support and promote the vision of the SPARK group. The authors of the award-winning solutions in the competition for architecture students called “NSoft Headquarters Building” are: 1. prize –  Agić Hamza, Bradvica Tomas, and Plasto Amina 2. prize – Anušić Ivana and Topić Marin 3. prize – Resić Ajdin Mustafa, Smajkić Faris, and Terzić Amila Collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture and the SPARK Group continues in the summer semester of academic 2017/2018 in the form of an International Project Study, with accompanying seminars and workshops.

These will be attended by students of the master’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sarajevo, led by professors Adnan Pašić and Nasihe Pozder, as well as students of the Istanbul Technical University with the international team of students from Turkey, Croatia, Germany and Austria under the guidance of professors Birgül Çolakoğlu, Hayriye Esbah Tuncer and Azime Tezer. The results of the cooperation so far have been highly evaluated by both partners, which has resulted in plans for the organization of such other competitions and projects for the promotion of professionalism, excellence, and synergy between local and international partners of the real sector and research and academic institutions.

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