South Central Ventures invests 40 million EUR in technology startups

spark2SPARK has organized Investors Meetup in cooperation with South Central Ventures. The event was held at SPARK cafe on Tuesday, 28th  March 2017. Igor Madžov and Vedran Blagus from SCV explained the ways of finding investment for startups.

In particular, South Central Ventures through Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF) invests the amount of 40 million EUR in technology startups across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and the rest of the region. Within a year and a half, they invested a little less than 10 million euros, and the plan is to invest the remaining amount in the next three and half years. Their share depends on the level of investment and extends to a maximum of 35% if you are in the growth phase and 10% if you have finished the prototype and you’re ready to test it and put it on the market. The primary purpose of this fund is an international business development and expansion in the global market. It should be noted that they invest in excellent startups with a maximum dedicated team of people, startups with high growth potential, globally-oriented startups, and startups in these industries: web, mobile, internet of things (IoT) or agri-tech.

SPARK startups AmpliusVRETblablaDev and Sophico had a chance to present their products to investors from SCV and they all agreed on some kind of cooperation.

(Source: spark)


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