Software Industry in BiH needs 6,000 Workers?

The Association of companies from the sector of software industry “Bit Alijansa (Bit Alliance)” organizes the second conference on the potentials of the software industry in BiH on May 10, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH.

At this conference will be presented all the previous results and activities that were realized with the aim of strengthening the software industry in BiH, and the challenges that this industry is facing with will be presented as well, among others, the need for 6,000 workers.

“A total of 380 software companies are successfully operating in this country, which are receiving new tasks from global companies on a daily basis. However, our software companies will not be able to take potential jobs if we do not recalibrate our people and change our teaching programs and enrolment quotas at faculties, and thus we will all be at a loss,” said Armin Talic, general manager of Bit Alliance, and he also added that “the software industry could be the driving force of the development of BiH”.

On the recently held Digital Summit in Skopje, representatives of state institutions in BiH noted that the digitization process represents one of the key preconditions for economic growth as a connection between authorities, the business community and education system. With a bit stronger focus of state institutions, young people could be focused on modern technology, their departure would be decreased and the employment rate would be largely increased.

From the Council of Ministers of BiH is expected to adopt the Strategy of Development of Information Society in BiH, which will represent a key strategic document – a guideline for further development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in BiH.

The association of IT companies “Bit Alliance” is ready to help both with useful advice and some more concrete activities. They are well aware of the fact that positive step forward in the fast-growing software industry, which is opening new workplaces, does not necessarily include a financial aspect.








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