Social network for Balkans: Young Bosnian created a “New Instagram“

new instagramA 20-year-old Bosnian, Eldar Sojkic from Zavidovici, who is living in Italy with his family for a long time, created a Bosnian version of popular Instagram, called Fotomesh.

“Fotomesh is a social network such as Instagram, which is intended for people from Balkans. It works on a principle of sharing photos with friends, and its goal is to gather people from our area in order to socialize and share their photos for free“, said the developer Eldar Sojkic.

Realization of the project lasted for seven months. As he said, he had a great support of his friends.

“Servers must be of high quality. One server cannot support the page of this kind. The biggest support for the completion of this project was Haris Klepo, who provided me his server“, added Sojkic.

He graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering in Italy, and currently works with CNC machines. He does not plan to stop on this project and use his free time for learning and improvement of programing, and also works at some smaller projects. He hopes that this project will be an opportunity for the employment of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The main and the biggest goal of Fotomesh and me as a creator is to, in the near future, to connect young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina“, concluded Sojkic.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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