SOBL: Invitation for Students

November 27, 2012 6:34 PM

The Student Organization of the University of Banja Luka (SOBL) is realizing a project
called ” Training sessions in writing projects: How to design a good proposal of a project and
secure the funding?”

SOBL is organizing a training session with the aim of introducing the students with the
process of writing proposals for particular projects intended for funding. The organizers also
intend to present to students the ways of making them independent in the project business and
to encourage them to actively participate in various projects.

The training session will consist of presentations and interactive workshops with a group
on concrete proposals of projects. The workshop and the presentation will be led by a
licensed instructor for this kind of informal education. SOBL activists believe that through
these workshops students will acquire enough knowledge needed for them to make their
own projects or to participate in a group project and in that way secure employment for
themselves. This project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika

The training sessions will last for three days, and the presentations and workshops will be
held in the afternoon hours of the last half of December.

SOBL invites all interested students to apply by the 9th December at the office of SOBL or via
e-mail at:

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