Smart Shopping Carts arrive in BiH!

pametna_kolica_konzum_281116Smart shopping carts will soon arrive to retail stores of Konzum BiH in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. They enable a modern, faster and economic way of shopping, resembling European and global practices of retail chains.

Thanks to the innovative product Shop&Touch, buyers can see the current action offers on the cart screen, find the location of a desired article, check the product prices and, most importantly, monitor the content of the cart and total value of the selected items.

“The use of this system provides additional information, such as the shortest routes through the shop or detailed description of all products. The biggest advantage is certainly the monitoring of current consumption, as well as simple payment on a special cash register in the shop, which brings both savings in the house budget and time. With continuous improvement of business network we want to offer our buyers entirely new standards in order to keep the purchase on the highest level and make it a special experience, and smart cart will definitely contribute to this,” said Irena Miličević, Director of Marketing in Konzum BiH.

Smart shopping carts will be available to the citizens of Banja Luka on December 1, when the renovated Konzum Family Center is to open, and Sarajevans will have access to these carts in mid-December, after the reconstruction and opening of the most modern shop in the region, at the address Ložionička 16.


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