Škaljić talked to Ambassador Moon about the current situation in B&H

The Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of F B&H Fehim Škaljić talked to the US Ambassador to B&H Patrick Moon about the current situation in the Federation of B&H.

During the conversation, Škaljić expressed his gratitude for the previous engagement of the US in B&H as well as for their interest to further support the idea of building a democratic B&H, integrated in Euro-Atlantic institutions. They also talked about the political situation in B&H, particularly the reconstruction of the Government and about the current activities of the Parliament.
Ambassador Moon said that although the Parliament is facing a period of big challenges, it is still on the path of democratic procedures.

” We have chosen to work together with the Parliament and give our full support. We want to be sure that we are helping those who want to make changes, and not those who just talk and take no action.”- said Moon.


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