Situation in BiH on the EU agenda Third Time in 2018

Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday will be on the agenda for the third time this year on the session of European Union foreign ministers meeting in the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

On 19th November, the meeting will be chaired by the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HRVP), Federica Mogherini and will take place in Brussels.

Ministers will discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) following the elections on 7thOctober. The United Kingdom will work with partners to promote a balanced and constructive European approach to BiH, focusing on the urgent needs for government formation and socio-economic and other reforms for the benefit of all BiH citizens.

Also, the meeting will discuss the mission of EUFOR “Althea”, and the conclusions adopted at the meeting of 15thOctober 2018.

It is interesting that the situation after the elections in BiH will also be addressed to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament at its session on 22nd November.

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