SIPA Police discovered Counterfeit Money and Illegal Migrants in BiH

The duty prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH was informed by SIPA police officers about the discovery of a certain amount of counterfeit BAM banknotes in larger denominations. The police officers were given instructions on further activities and documentation of the committed criminal offence on which they are to submit a report to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

Also, the duty prosecutor was informed about the smuggling of a group of 8 illegal migrants from Afghanistan, who were smuggled into Bosnia and Herzegovina illegally, across the river border on the Drina River.

Police officers of the BiH Border Police were given instructions regarding further activities on identifying and finding the suspects for whom there is information that they are citizens of the Republic of Serbia and, therefore, it will be necessary to establish cooperation with partner institutions of the Republic of Serbia in this case.

The migrants were handed over to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The duty prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes was informed that in the Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the death of one convict in a war crimes case was recorded, who was serving his sentence in the said institution.

The duty prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes gave instructions to authorised persons for further activities and informing the competent institutions about the said event, and instructed them to inform the sentencing court about the death, which also has jurisdiction over the segment of execution of criminal sanctions, as well as the territorially competent entity Prosecutor’s Office.

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